Data Sharing

Summary Care Record (SCR)

The SCR is a summary of your medical history that can be shared between healthcare staff treating patients in an emergency or out-of-hours with faster access to key clinical information. More information can be found by visiting

Summary Care Record with Additional Information

Your information helps us to:

  • Ensure your care is consistent, even if you are referred to other services.
  • Predict potential future health needs of individuals or whole populations.
  • Assess the performance and quality of NHS services.

To see things your Summary Care Record with Additional Information will include and more information about this please click to see the following leaflets.

Here are some short videos to explain this a little more – Just clickon the links below

Medical Interoperability Gateway (MIG)

Whilst the SCR mentioned above shares a very small portion of your medical record across the whole NHS, the MIG shares a much fuller view of your records but only with local NHS providers – and only when you give explicit consent at the point of care. For more information on MIG please click here to see a short video

Risk Stratification Preferences

Risk Stratification patient data is shared between primary care and secondary care NHS providers and only when consent has been given at the point of care.


Electronic Data Sharing Module (EDSM)

Healthcare places can usually share information from your records by letter, email, fax or phone but this can slow down your treatment or mean information is hard to access. However you can choose to share your record electronically between care services.

For more information on EDSM sharing please click here to see the leaflet 

For more information on sharing your medical records and how to opt out please click here