Teaching & Training


The practice is involved in the teaching of a variety of students. These students involve medical students, nursing students, pre-reg pharmacists and physician associate students. You will be advised that a student may be sitting in with a doctor when you make your appointment. You may be asked if they can assist in your treatment.

GP Registrars

Saffron Health is an accredited training practice for doctors who wish to pursue a career in General Practice. GP Registrars are qualified doctors undertaking further training in General Practice. They are with the practice for four months if they are at the start of their training. GP Registrars completing their training are with us for one year. All GP registrars are supervised by accredited trainers

Our trainers are:

  • Dr David Kerbel
  • Dr Bridget Kilty 

Our registrars are:

  • Dr Meera Sundavadra

Part of the training programme involves video recording patient consultations for teaching and assessment purposes. You may be asked to participate in a recorded consultation. The doctor will discuss this with you and if you agree to participate, you will be asked to sign a consent form. Intimate physical examinations will be not be recorded and the camera will be switched off if you request it. If you do not wish to be videoed this will not affect your consultation with the doctor.